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Design & Development of Wired/ Wireless Air Rider Hovercraft Prototype

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Project Description

Hovercraft is multipurpose vehicles which can travel across various types of terrain with no alteration. The overall purpose for this design project is to build a hovercraft which can carry various payloads across land and water. Hovercrafts work on the two main principles of lift and propulsion. The main aim of design this air cushioned vehicle can be used for numerous different application including military, aid, transportation of building supplies, etc. The main component used in this project is propellers, switch pad, battery and a hovercraft body. The propeller is used to lift the craft by cushion of air when it travels on the water with the help of switch pad. Steering is achieved by mounting behind the thrust propeller. There are also two propeller connected at the back edges to move the hover forward, backward ,left and right. The direction of hover is controlled by ON OFF the propeller connected at the back end. The battery is used to provide the power to the propellers.

Modules Used
Core Mechanical
Robotic Chasis
Block Diagram | Project Work Flow Diagram
Block Diagram will be Uploaded Soon
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