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Computer Numeric Controlled Gantry Robot Mechanism for three Directional Tool Movement(Drill Machine, Welding Set etc)

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Project Description

This project is designed with base rotation and wrist motion with a functional gripper to hold objects. This project includes a controller which is used to drive the motor according to the inputs. The gear motor is used to control the robot. The keypad interfaced with the controller used to give input for the movement of the arm along the axis. The mechanical system is used to move the arm to different direction or axis. The three gear motors is used to move the robot along X axis, Y axis and Z axis. The one another gear motor is used to grab the object. The user can give the input through the keypad to control the gear motor according to the movement .The gear motor can be move forward and reverse ,according to the keypad key dedicated to it for each axis movement .For gear motor direction control a motor driver Toggle Switches will be used. As any key is pressed the gear motor will move along a particular axis. To pick, a plastic jaw is used which grab the object. The power supply circuit is used to give the supply to the gear motors and the entire assembly.

Modules Used
Core Mechanical
Gear Drives
Robotic Chasis
Block Diagram | Project Work Flow Diagram
Block Diagram will be Uploaded Soon
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