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Automatic Air Inflation in Tyres

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Project Description

Pressure in tyres is one of the most important factors while tyre care of a car. Drop in air pressure of tyres may result in in the reduction of gas mileage, tire life, safety, and vehicle performance. It is seen that most of the cars that are driving on the road drive with one or more tyres under inflated. The air losses in tyres occur even through normal driving, and this loss occurs because of hit with pot holes or curbs, or changes in temperature. The air losses are more in summer and in winters too air losses occur but at a lower extent. This project is about automatic air inflation in tyres that would be successful in automotive supplier industry. It maintains tyre pressure conditions and hence, reduce tyre wear, increase fuel economy and also increases overall fuel safety. The self-inflating tire system would actually function as desired. This project will prove beneficial for students who want to work on automation in future and all mechanical students.

Modules Used
Core Mechanical
Block Diagram | Project Work Flow Diagram
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