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Gearless Transmission

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Project Description

This mechanical project is a working model of the gearless transmission. Gearless transmission is also known as elbow mechanism. This project of gearless mechanism is introduced to increase the speed without the use of gears. Using gears is expensive and it also decreases the efficiency. The advantage of gearless transmission is that it can transmit power at any angle without using any gears. Gearless transmission is an ingenious link mechanism of the slider and kinematic chain principle. It is a useful mechanical project and its applications include tower clocks, gang drilling, angular drilling between 0-90 degree and is also used in vehicles. There are various advantages of constructing gearless mechanism that are its less complexity, no need of special machines, requires less calculations and it also provides freedom of interchangeability. Students who aim to work in the automation & robotics in the near future can opt for this project as this mechanism finds its application in these areas too. This mechanism will also finds use in automobile industry in near future hence, it is quite beneficial project for mechanical students.

Modules Used
Core Mechanical
Block Diagram | Project Work Flow Diagram
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