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Invelox Turbine

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Project Description

Conservation of energy sources is important because they are depleting at faster rate. Alternative to the use of renewable energy sources is the use of non-renewable sources because they are present in infinite amount. This mechanical project is the design of invelox turbine that involves wind power generation. Invelox is a profound reconsidering of the present issues connected with saddling the force of the wind. Today's wind power frameworks have incrementally enhanced wind turbine execution, however the additions have just originated from building turbines with ever-bigger sharp edges, roosted onever-taller towers, and worked at constantly expanding cost. Era of force from wind is costly than force era from coal or gas. This issue of expense is overcome by utilizing invelox. The other point of interest of planning invelox turbine is that InveLoX can create power at wind speeds as low as 2 mph, while conventional wind turbines just begin producing at 8.5 mph. InveLoX can subsequently be utilized on low wind speed destinations. This is a decent choice of venture as it is useful and will likewise offer you some assistance with learning innovation that is the need of present.

Modules Used
Core Mechanical
Block Diagram | Project Work Flow Diagram
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