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Hybrid Vehicle Development using Solar Panel & Electric Energy

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Project Description

The renewable energy is vital for today’s world as in near future the non renewable sources that we are using are going to get exhausted. The solar vehicle is a step in saving these non renewable sources of energy. The basic principle of solar car is to use energy that is stored in a battery during and after charging it from a solar panel. The charged batteries are used to drive the motor which serves here as an engine and moves the vehicle in reverse or forward direction. This idea, in future, may help protect our fuels from getting extinguished. All recent electric vehicles present drive on AC power supplied motor. The setup requires an inverter set connected to battery through which DC power is converted to AC power. During this conversion many losses take place and hence the net output is very less and lasts for shorter duration of time. Although this is cheaper the setup and maintenance required is much more in AC drive than DC drive. The vehicle designed is controlled by ELECTRICAL means and not by ELECTRONIC means

Modules Used
Core Mechanical
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