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Automatic White Board Cleaner

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Project Description

An Automatic white board cleaner is designed in this project. The objective here in is to reduce the man-power involved in cleaning white boards after use. A whiteboard or dry delete board is a name for a gleaming surface, most generally shaded white, where non – lasting markings can be made. Whiteboards work similarly to writing slate in that they permit markings to incidentally stick to the surface of the board. Despite the fact that the utilization of brilliant sheets is expanding, numerous establishments in the created and creating world still make utilization of white sheets. The auto-board was intended to be controlled by a solitary stage 0.6 HP electric engine. The chain drive parameters were resolved taking into account estimations of the middle separation between the sprockets, the required cleaning time, number of compasses, aggregate number of chain connections and the normal execution. The cleaning efficiency of the auto-white board cleaner is estimated to be better than the manual operation when the equipment is fully completed.

Modules Used
Core Mechanical
Block Diagram | Project Work Flow Diagram
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