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Hydraulic Pipe Bending

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Project Description

Automation is growing at a fast pace in today’s modern era. Human efforts in each work are being reduced like in the construction process; the machines are being used for bending rods. Some works are not operated by machines because of high cost or because of inefficiency of machine to do it better than the manpower. This project is aimed to do bending operation for pipe using hydraulics and named as hydraulic pipe bending machine. The main objective of this project is to implement the hydraulic pipe bending machine in the construction sites with less cost compared to the existing bending machines, and increasing the productivity. The pipe is bent with the help of hydraulic force, because the power of hydraulics is very large the main aim of our project is to increase the productivity so with the help of hydraulic force we can able to bend 3-6 pipes depending upon the diameter. The drawbacks in the older machines are rectified. Since, the working principle of the machine is same as that of hydraulic system so it can help us understand the concept of hydraulic systems.

Modules Used
Core Mechanical
Hydraulic Actuator
Block Diagram | Project Work Flow Diagram
Block Diagram will be Uploaded Soon
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