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Hydraulic JCB

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Project Description

This project is designing a JCB model based on the principle of hydraulic systems. In this project JCB model is hydraulically operated and controlled by the movement filled with some fluid. It consists of various parts connected to each other in a pre-designed manner which are guided in a constrained way to obtain required output. The principle of the working of the hydraulic JCB is PASCAL’s LAW. This law states that when a pressure is applied at one point of a fluid contained in a constrained volume, then the pressure due to that force is equally transmitted to all the points of the fluid, which are acted upon by the same pressure. Using the same principle, we applied pressure to fluid in syringe which is transmitted to other end of tube which is connected to a syringe. The operation of the JCB arm is controlled by the pressure of the fluid. Hence, this project is useful from both the perspectives that are theoretical as well as practical.

Modules Used
Core Mechanical
Hydraulic Actuator
Robotic Arm
Block Diagram | Project Work Flow Diagram
Block Diagram will be Uploaded Soon
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