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Arificial Neural Network(ANN) Design for Dfiffernt Coin Recognition System

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Project Description

Dirty coins require machine cleaning frequently. The variations in images obtained between new and old coins are also discussed. Coin recognition process has been divided into seven steps. * Acquire RGB Coin Image, Generate Pattern Averaged Image, Remove Shadow from Image, Crop and Trim the Image, Convert RGB Image to Gray scale, Generate Feature Vector and p ass it as, Input to Trained NN, Give Appropriate Result according, to the, Output of NN. In this project, we propose a method to design a neural network(NN). And also, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme, we apply the proposed scheme to coin recognition. In general, as a problem becomes complex and large-scale, the number of operations increases and hard-ware implementation to real systems using NNs becomes difficult. Therefore, we propose the method which makes a small-sized NN system to achieve a cost reduction and to simplify hardware implementation to the real machines.

Modules Used
Image Processing
Basic Matlab
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