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Hydraulic Actuator based Mechanical braking System for Automobile

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Project Description

A hydraulic brake incorporates a master piston in the lever, a hydraulic brake line, opposing slave pistons in the cylinder, and hydraulic fluid (brake fluid or mineral oil). In a hydraulic brake system, braking is accomplished by the squeezing the lever, which pushes the master piston inside the lever body and forces fluid into the brake hose. The fluid then moves into the cylinder and presses against the slave pistons. Brake pads are attached to the slave pistons so that when the fluid presses against the pistons, the brake pads clamp onto the rotor. Once the pads contact the rotor, additional force at the lever pressurizes the system and creates greater clamping force on the rotor. There are several factors at work when using a hydraulic brake. The amount of lever squeeze combined with the leverage in the brake lever and in the hydraulic system creates a clamping force at the cylinder. That clamping force combined with the brake pad material produces friction at the rotor. The amount of friction combined with the diameter of the rotor generates braking power. Braking power, along with the duration of braking, determines how quickly speed is reduced as well as the amount of heat generated.

Modules Used
Core Mechanical
Hydraulic Actuator
Block Diagram | Project Work Flow Diagram
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