For sure, when you order from us, you would receive some benefits which would cheer you up as we are a strong and ardent believer of Good Customer Experience.
Payment Options

Payment Options

We know how frustrating it is when you have to pay and there is just one way to do it. As we have the habit to challenge all the barriers and limitations, offers you variety of payment options.

  • Payment through Credit Card- This method is for those who don't have any bank account however have a credit card with them to pay for the pac.
  • Payment through Debit Card- It is for those who don't appreciate using credit card and have bank account with them
  • Net Banking- It is for those who want to use the Net Banking and transfer the money from one account to other straight away. If you have internet or are in Wi-Fi zone or have a cell phone with internet facility then why not explore this convenient method.
  • Cash on Delivery (CoD)- It is for those who want to be assured that there money is in good hands. When you opt for this payment option you would not be required to pay for the Pac while placing an order. You would pay only when you have the Pac in your hands at the time of delivery.
Success Sure

Best Quality Assured

We understand that how important it is to build trust for reliable business operations. We acknowledge that there are great expectations we have to meet especially when money is involved. Every component in the Pac that you order is checked and tested to assure you the best quality service. These checks are performed at every stage so that the chances of components not working are NIL and you receive nothing but a good quality service from us.

Our exclusive R&D and production team focuses on precision for quality engineered products with 100% Guaranteed output when executed systematically.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

We offer FREE Shipping (specified on the Product detail page) on selected products ordered through Yes! You heard it and heard it right. We ship your orders absolutely free, anywhere in the world! In other words you don't have to pay anything towards shipping and handling charges. Isn't it called all solutions under one roof? So now you are required to pay just the Project Pac charges. If you observe that packaging is tampered with or damaged then please refuse to accept the delivery. However if after you haveaccepted the delivery and have opened the pac you observe that something is missing or broken in the Pac then, please call our Customer Care 0172-4638606.


Reseller Accounts

If you are an engineering college or any other technical educational institute who is willing to place bulk orders for students or anyone who wishes to sell our project pac on our ( behalf then, you would find this feature of very interesting and useful. Our website would provide you an option to register yourself as a reseller of project pacs. You would have an account on our website for which we would provide you a username and a password. Through this account you would be able to check the status of your order, history of past orders, and any complaint regarding delivered orders. This account would also enable you to see payment related information. So we encourage you to register yourself as a reseller of


Complete Documentation

Complete project related documentation would be provided to you. This documentation would contain details of the project idea referred to as Abstract, Synopsis, Schematics, Individual Modules Explanation, Individual Modules Schematic, Dummy Project Code and Algorithm, Components Data Sheets, and a Complete Project Report. PCB layout which covers all the external connections to the circuit board such as transformer, loads, motors, modems etc, and block diagram, data sheet (Manufacturers data sheets of relevant items used in the project) are provided.

Best Quality

Best Quality Products

All the products and services provided are made with best quality and are prepared by the experts. Before delivery they are well tested and the products are 100% excellent condition.

Technology Expertise

Technology Options and Expertise

Techpacs is an official website of EESPL, Eureka Electrosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It has 12 years of experience in the field of Industrial Training and workshops for engineering students. We have trained thousands of engineering students and currently have 400+ projects and thesises in 10 categories. Project pacs are developed using different technologies. Technology preferred in all the project pacs is the best and new in its nature. So come explore new latest technology and be ready to develop your project pac using this.

Best Price Guranteed

Best Price Assured

Our main motive is to assure that we reach out to students who need support and guidance from us. Our intention is to reach out to those who genuinely want to develop their skills and knowledge. So keeping limitations of students in mind, we have made an effort to keep the pricing of project pac as low as possible. So that the best and the maximum comes at a price which is comparatively low and best suited to all the students.

Techpacs at your Door Step

Techpacs at your Doorstep

Techpacs is offering the DS(door step) services to its customers who are interested to avail the said services, for pick up of cash and delivery of cash from the door step of customer:

Millennium events are not just happening in the Dome, but can be found on everyone's doorstep, means every single thing on just one purchase made on TECHPACS can bring everything to your doorstep.

Best Kit Options

Project Pac Options

You can now place an order for a project pac keeping three options in mind.

    Do it yourself Pac (DIY)-

    This Pac is for those who would like have a project idea, components and guidance material however would like to develop a project themselves. This Pac consists of Project idea layout, Schematics, Raw components, Programmed Controllers (ICs), Text and video tutorials and Project related documentation. As this Pac primarily focuses on the student's ability to make a project, there are chances that a student may not be able to develop a complete functional Project as an outcome due to the lack of direct guidance.

    Readymade Pac (RM) -

    This Pac is for those who have less time to develop a project. It consists of a Complete working project, Brief and Detailed synopsis, Project report and related documentation, Schematics and Dummy project code. This project Pac is just required to be plugged in to get started.

    Combo Pac (CP)-

    This Pac is a combination of DIY Pac and RM Pac. It has emerged as the best option for students according to our observation in the past decade. This Pac has both the Do it yourself kit material and a readymade complete functional Pac. A student will get a chance to develop the project himself or herself and if in case because of the lack of direct guidance and support this task is not accomplished then a readymade working project will be there. This is very beneficial to the student as he or she will not only get the chance to apply engineering knowledge but also a readymade solution is at hand to minimize worries of the student in case if he or she fails in his or her efforts which are put in developing the project.

    Benefits don't stop here as with every order of a Pac a student would also get a Free Tool Kit which consists of Soldering Iron, Soldering Wire, Twister and a Cutter.

    Extra spares and components as a part of true accountability towards you, ship you extra number of components which have been used in the project pac. Not only this to support you strongly we also provide basic components that are used in the project pac and that too at no extra cost.
    Unbelievable isn't it?

    Extra Tool kit

    To enable you to learn and enhance your skills, facilitates you with extra tool kit. This includes Soldering Iron, Soldering Wire, Twister, and Cutter. Yes! This too at no extra cost.

So, Come and Explore It's Reliable, Safe, Accountable, Committed and full of benefits off course.